VCT from PICO-8 to Monkey2

For the PICO-8 Jam#2, I have done a game : “VCT”. You can play it here or download the cartridge (below).


Now, I’m working on a enhanced version using Monkey2. The first step was the translation of the main methods :  _init, _update and  _draw. For this, I have made a basic version of the VCT “engine” (which uses vectors to  draw and animate) with pico-8. You can use left, right, up keys (or a gamepad) to test. The cartridge and explanations are available (or will be soon)  in picozine#5.


Then I started to write all the required stuff to produce the same with monkey2. The result is pretty good. I have to polish the switch between full screen and window mode. You can download and compare : windows binary (auto-extractible).

Right now, I’m sure Monkey2 is the good tool to go further.
Stay tuned, I’ll post updates in the next coming weeks about this.

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