Update: if you have a false positive issue with Windows Defender and wdGetFile.exe, you can replace it with the file in this archive (same program with a different signature). Extract the archive and put the file in the podcastor directory.


Podcastor is a RSS stream downloader. You can download the install program of podcastor in english or in french. Run the installer and follow the instructions. After install, click on the icon of the program “podcaster” on the desktop.

Copy/Paste or type the URL of a RSS stream in the first field then click “Import” button. The application may apper unresponsive for some seconds (downloading/decoding/importing time). The content of the stream is displayed in the grid. Double-click to select some  items. Click “Download” to download them. They are stored in the application folder (where podcastor.exe remains).

The application has been done with MyVisualDatabase (a cheap and well done environment similar to Delphi). The download operations are made using an external program : wbGetFile (made with PureBasic).

In hope you find this app useful. I made it as a proof of concept (background downloading are is not provided by MyVisualDatabase)… and because I’m a big fan of the podcast “Du grain à moudre” (Hervé Gardette, France Culture).

Now, I’m begging Dmitry (MyVisualDatabase developer) to include the background download natively in MyVisualDatabase.



Poscastor in french
(a good way to listen Hervé Gardette)