To help disabled persons to communicate using a computer, I started to write toSay. It’s an attempt to offer a way to type text and to let it be said by the computer (button [ :-D]). Two versions are available (010E and 011E). The last offer the opportunity to manage a web browser (Chrome) : [E] to start it, [TAB->] and [TAB<-] to send tab key to the browser to move to the next/previous item, [ENTER] to send the typed text to the browser followed by the Enter key. For this, you will need a computer with Windows 10 and the speach extension (provided by default).

You can use tobii Eye tracker with Gaze Point to allow the use of the software only with the eyes (no need of the hands).

I’m still working on 011E to improve the browser management and to add some additional features. Any help welcome, PayPal or whatever you want.


Button [<] and [>] are disabled. Use ‘_’ to add a space in the text.
The window is hided on the top left of the desktop at startup.

Use ‘_’ to add a space in the text.