picarde, a pico-8 cards player

Picarde is a pico-8 cards player (provided with five cards) designed for persons who can’t easely handle the keyboard nor a gamepad.
The controls are provided as big buttons you can scratch on a tactile screen. So you can use any part of your body or prothesis to play. You can play with a mouse, an eye tracker or trackback too (if you have it and can use it).


  • On some cards, x/z buttons may have been switched (depends on the game implementation by their authors).
  • The program installs a local dedicated web server on a port between 8000 and 8020 to serve the datas. Windows will problably ask you to allow this.

As usual, any help welcome, PayPal or whatever you want (add a link to this page).



Download picarde.zip, uncompress (on the Desktop or in %AppData%), open the folder picarde and launch picarde.exe.

You will have to two UAC warnings to allow the execution of the programs (picarde.exe, picarde-http.exe) and one to allow the use of the TCP/IP port. Thanks to windows :’-( If I had a developper certificate to sign the exe I could remove these UAC warnings (but since most of my programs are used for free, I have no money for this). So please, stop complain about that.

Cards :

  • Minesweeper by Sophie Kirschner,
  • Pico-2048 by Aslan85,
  • Puzzle Cave 1 by Hackefuffle,
  • Picross-8 by Nest,
  • Combo Pool by Nusan – http://lexaloffle.com

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