Ludum Dare 43

From Saturday December 1st to Sunday December 2nd, 2018 was the Ludum Dare 43. The goal is to produce a game which complies with the theme in two days. The theme was Sacrifices must be made.

I made an entry on my spare time (6 hours) : Stones. The principle of the game is the following : you’re the Spirit of the stones and have to collect (and sacrifice) them. Will you find the path ? Could you resolve the gods challenge? Is 1min16 is enough for you to succeed ? Let’s play :-)


Downloads and Links
 PICO-8 cartridge
– PICO-8 p8 file
HTML5 (playable in the browser)
LD43 entry

5611 users signed up for the competition.
Fun: 177th  (top 6%)
Innovation: 309th
Theme: 415th  (top 15%)
Graphics: 228th
Audio: 296th
Humor: 374th
Mood: 389th

According the different criterias the game ranks between the top 6 to 15 percent which is not that bad :-) A lot of comments about the game were made (thanks to their authors). I will use all the remarks to make a more polished version of the game.

A big shout to all the competitors (you made a game !!!)

Kind regards (and happy new year !!!),

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