toki pona

I’m working on a toki pona  app  to help people   learning the vocabulary. It’s named “o kama sona e  toki pona!“.

Actually only available in French, it will be available in English soon.  The app is free and will be released on the google store.

While waiting, you can try the  Windows version (english and french language).  Linux and macOS versions are on their way too.


About toki pona…

Toki Pona is a human language I invented in 2001. It was my attempt to understand the meaning of life in 120 words.

FUZE, french translation (WIP)

I’  m working on a french translation of the official FUZE documentation. If you want to get the draft (work-in-progess version ), you can download this   pdf file.

You can share remarks and comments on twitter (@wdwave).  I have a lot to do to finish this (but it’s a start).


About FUZE…


FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is a coding application for Nintendo Switch. It was designed and developed by a team of seasoned players, programmers, artists and educators. The end result is a language perfectly suited to games and coding applications for absolute beginners, but also experienced programmers.

“o kama sona e toki pona!”

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